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"Our consultants are experts across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices including service-oriented architecture, mobile applications, grid computing, open source development, IBM, Microsoft® and Oracle."



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Our Services


Strategic business alliance

At CPS we are a third-party strategic alliance for your business. We help your organization achieve its objectives by forming a unified business structure.  We identify redundancy and introduce innovative new processes that expedite and synergize your business operations from start to finish.  We will craft a strategy that delivers customized technology solutions to help your business grow. Our team of experienced professionals serve as consultants to empower your organization to identify and implement the best business decisions.

What we do best:

  • We examine the foundation, layout and hierarchy of your business to identify areas that need consolidation.
  • We use our vast experience and knowledge to fill gaps in your business and ensure that your busniess plan runs smoothly. 
  • We help your business make swift and effective decisions now and in the future.
  • We will study your business processes to identify barriers within and outside your organization to restore efficient business operation. 
  • We are result-oriented people and always ensure that all business activities are complete with an end point measuring apparatus.
  • We believe aiding and augmenting the IT infrastructure is an essential platform for the success of any organizational goal. 
  • We use automated processes to improve effeciency. 
  • We introduce tools and strategies so your company can build a strong network of communication and facilitate data exchange.
  • We make sure that your company’s confidential information stays confidential.  This is our number one priority.
  • We ensure all business activities comply to standards. 
  • A complete 360 degree approach in project management and delivery is what helps us improve your stance as an organization.


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An in-depth review of the journey through the stepping stones

Turnkey services for web development and applications management – In applications development, we are a warehouse of expertise and experience.  We dedicate our entire task force to achieving your objectives. We take an active role in all the stages of the application life cycle, from the analysis and strategy of the software application to its design, post testing and implementation.  Our team of consultants possess expertise across the entire range of devices, technologies, platforms and architectures including service-oriented frameworks and architecture, applications for mobile platforms, grid computing and the development of open source software’s for the likes of Oracle, IBM and Microsoft®.  We incorporate recommended frameworks as per industry standards, but never allow standard procedures to hamper the delivery of high-precision applications.  We craft our signature style of achieving unparalleled excellence by creating innovative technology solutions for your business.

We have spent a long time in garnering the right resources and the best talent in the industry. Our kitty is filled to the brim with varied ideas, experiences, talents and expertise. Our unparalleled experience and impeccable track record in dealing with industries like Healthcare, Hospitality, Finance and Government ensures that your unique needs will receive leading-edge techonology solutions.

Remarkable e-commerce modules as a model for your success – A successful e-commerce module adds tons of credits to your kitty, while just one failure takes them all away. Every job in this sphere is a testing job with your reputation on the line. Our clients get the benefit of an array of services starting from the strategy. We guide you through the most dreaded part of choosing the best middleware applications, and also help you in the final implementation and deployment of the product. We provide integration of the back-end applications, and also incorporate the payment modules into the system. Our end-to-end e-commerce solutions serve as a link by bringing buyers and sellers together through online B2B andB2Cbusiness channels like never before, giving your project the final thrust required for success.


Micro-project management and applications for mobile platforms – The dynamic marketplace is an ever-changing arena of ideas, opportunities, and avenues. To stay on top, you require fresh and innovative solutions for every category while keeping pace with the rate at which they emerge and evolve. Mobile platforms are a new and emerging platform with infinite opportunities and scope. We design and develop innovative business applications for various smart phones and business phones. Every micro project is treated with equal importance as a turnkey project management solutions job.

-roots analysis and pre-project evaluation – Well begun is half done, and we happen to take this idea very seriously. The preliminary work in all our projects is to focus on assessing the existing applications environment.  We look carefully at the possible risks, as this step may shape the entire structure of the project. At this stage, we take special note of technology issues and restraints, relevance to specific business requirements, adopted best practices for coding and easy maintenance. Aligning resources as per the research ensures expedited processes and quality delivery for every project.

Evaluation and re-evaluation testing procedures – The secret to the success of any given project is effective testing that happens alongside every process in the development and lifecycle of the project. We offer an array of adaptable and all-inclusive services based on our extensive experience, testing expertise, industry specific skill sets, and proven methodologies. We are one of the few service houses to take the pains in employing explicit life-cycle testing and automation tests. We take it a step further by employing dedicated test centers for unmatched test quality, focused performance and SOA testing. We employ globally-accredited test tools along with trusted automated processes and technology assets, reducing the cycle time and increasing value for testing the application environment. It is no wonder that we achieve unsurpassed levels of precision in all our projects.

Corporation Software Application Services – The asking rate skyrockets when a job requires fusion with corporation software like Microsoft, IBM, etc. Such projects are dealt with highly specialized start-to-end services fashioned for clients who need a strictly-aligned applications infrastructure supported by Microsoft, and/or other corporation-based technologies on a global or local scale. Precision, efficiency and compliances become key for such projects, so we employ only the most experienced and dedicated of our task forces. We employ specialized applications framework and industry tested and proven procedures that are designed to be flexible and cost-effective delivering 360-degree strategic business solutions.


Comprehensive Applications Life Cycle Services – When we step on board for a turnkey project, our range of services cover the entire part of the applications development and also the entire life cycle of the application. Our role in project management includes preparing in-depth and researched requirements inventories, evaluating business prospects, enhancing design for improving the functionality, and the actual development process. Pre- and post-testing, and the final deployment of the product along with the continuous monitoring and maintenance all fall under our portfolio as individual and important sectors of work. Our complete set of 360-degree procedures, trusted accelerators, and worldwide assets and delivery centers improve the efficacy of your business processes and expedite the delivery to the markets.  We initiate the project from the drawing boards, execute it within the given parameters and help it achieve the desired levels of success single handedly, comprehensively and on a turnkey basis.


Data Warehousing for augmented Business Intelligence

As obvious as it may sound, data is essential for making informed decisions. Data warehousing is essential for proper data exchange, understanding, sharing and review. Unfortunately for many organizations, data is not always easily accessible or in usable condition and it is important for data to be stored so that it may be retrieved easily and quickly.  We offer end-to-end solutions on a turnkey basis for efficient data warehousing within the organization. We ensure the security of the data from any third party or outside breach while keeping it accessible and useable by the inside audiences thereby empowering client organizations to make well-calculated and informed decisions.

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Staff Augmentation services

Staff augmentation is used as an outsourcing strategy to staff a particular project so the project may be aligned with strategic business objectives. It can prove to be a very valuable project management function. An organization can call in contract staff to aid, manage or supplement the efforts of the existing internal staff.  This strategy can be useful in handling an overflow of work, or even containing costs. IT staff augmentation has come to be one of the most dynamic and demanding marketplaces today. We offer staff augmentation services across industries helping corporations align to their strategic business objectives; improve efficiency and cutting down on the overheads. 


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