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"Our consultants earned their reputations through many years of operational responsibility and by demonstrating successful implementation results. Our approach remains the same, i.e. to adopt the same hands-on approach to help our clients produce successful results and meet their objectives."


Kanakraj Subramanian President and CEO
Core Point Consulting


Integrity: Maintaining client confidentiality
and meeting industry standards and regulations.


Insight: Employing a perspective that comes
from scope and depth
of experience.


Innovation: Offering transformative solutions
to even the most challenging problems



Core Point Consulting
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Core Point Consulting Inc. is an 8(a) certified small business company that provides technology and management consulting services to federal and private clients.  With an office in VA, and access to top notch management and technical talent, we bring tailored solutions to our client's business needs. Each member of our Executive Team has a demonstrated consulting track record with Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Federal Sector. What's unique about Core Point Consulting is the depth and breadth of experience and expertise that our team brings to each engagement. Integrity, Insight and Innovation are our differentiators and we look forward to working with you so you can experience us as well. We measure our success based on the success of our clients.



Bridging the Gap from Where You Are….

To Where You Want To Be.


When you’re looking for a technology-based solution to your organization’s challenges, Core Point Consulting delivers. That’s because we offer our clients the expertise expected from a large, global firm together with the advantages of a smaller and often more cost-effective company.  Add to the mix our policy against the very common practice of assigning entire projects to subcontractors, and you have a high-tech, hi-touch firm that provides a number of benefits:


A Full Spectrum of Services

Our policy of “doing the work ourselves” allows us to see all aspects of a particular assignment, apply better insight to a task, and offer a full range of services, across a number of domains, necessary to complete the project. It all translates to a better outcome.


Excellent Quality Control and Service Delivery

Because we retain projects in-house, there are no challenges to overseeing the schedules and work of subcontractors. This too results in a more reliable level of quality control and delivery of service.


All Work Done On-Site

There’s no wondering what your contractors are doing or delays in contacting them. We complete all projects on-site.



Small equals nimble. We can make adjustments to the scope of any project quickly and effortlessly.



Finally, our manageable size and limited use of subcontractors means a more attractive fee structure. Overhead expenses are small, and there are no additional mark-ups for outsourced projects.



Core Point Consulting…

Getting You Where You Want to Be.


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